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About Us

About Us 

PowerWashStencils provides high quality steel stencils for applying images (text & logos) onto desired surfaces.  The transfer of the image is accomplished through the use of high-pressured water (power washing) across the cut out portions of the stencil.

PowerWashStencils is a division of Commercial Power Washing, Inc. ( and Potomac Pressure Washing (


While the concept of a stencil has been around forever, the introduction of Stenciling through the use of a Power Washer was invented and commercially introduced by us.  After several years of trial and error, using cardboard, plastic and the like, we finally determined that the steel stencil provided the greatest flexibility, stability and longevity required to convey images onto a surface.  We began sales of our stencils in 2008.

Power Wash Industry:

With the introduction of our custom steel stencils to the Power Wash Industry, we became the standard product used for customer demonstrations.  Power Washers across the nation apply their stencil with their company name, URL, logo, etc., and customers can immediately see how much better the clean surface will look.

Advertising Campaigns & Agencies:

In 2009, we began PowerWashAds, advertisement campaigns for the "out of home" media companies.  We have worked on campaigns for Bud Light Lime, Chevy VoltFeline Pine as well as many others.  PowerWashAds offers a great "green" advertising medium!

PowerWashStencils has a patent pending on power wash stencils.