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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

Guarantee: guarantees that the stencil you order will be consistent with the website specifications (e.g. 14-gauge steel), and consistent with your ordered image (text & logo).  In the unlikely event that your stencil image is incorrect (due to our fault during fabrication) we will replace your stencil free of charge.  Minor changes to stencils bordering (e.g. squared, rounded, hex) may be applied to support demand.

It is incumbent upon the customer to immediately inspect a received stencil for deficiencies.  In the unlikely event that a stencil is deficient, due to quality problems or an incorrect image, the customer has 7 days (after receipt) to alert of the deficiency.  Stencils deemed to be deficient by, will be replaced free of charge.  However, if customer alerts after 7 days, no replacement will be issued.  A digital image of the stencil may be required to confirm deficiency.

No Refund / Replacement:
If image on Stencil is incorrect, due to improper ordering by customer (e.g. misspelling, wrong text, etc.) no refund or replacement will be issued.   Unless specifically agreed upon by Customer and, stencils are NOT coated (painted) before shipping.  If coated, no refunds or replacements will be issued due to paint flaking.  When fabricating stencils, great care is exercised to ensure that each letter and image in the stencil has the appropriate amount of metal remaining on the cutout portions of each letter and image.  For Example: In the letter "P" an upper and lower post is used to support the cut out section in the upper part of the "P".  While these posts have performed perfectly in all usage and testing, we cannot guarantee that through improper storage or through thousands of uses that these non-standard fabricated pieces will last forever.  No refunds or replacements will be issued for failed posts.  No refunds will be provided for cancellations after an order has been received and authorized through our site.  While assisted by computers, fabrication is still more of an art then a science.  Minor cosmetic imperfections in the cut out of letters (which do NOT translate to an applied image) such as tiny chips on difficult letters, may visually exist.  No refunds or replacements will be issued for minor cosmetic imperfections.  When ordering a "Text Stencil", during the check-out process you will input your desired text.  What you input as your desired text serves as your "proof".  We will fabricate your stencil based on that "proof".  No refunds or replacements for "Text Stencils" built according to the specifications of your proof.  When ordering "Logo Stencils", we will create a separate piece of artwork and forward you a "proof". Once you have verbally or through email signed off on that "proof", we will fabricate your stencil.  "Logo Stencils" will be fabricated as close as is possible to your "proof"; however, very minor modifications may be required to support the transition from paper to steel.  
No refunds or replacements for "Logo Stencils" that were built according to the specifications of your "proof", even if minor modifications exist.

Marketing: reserves the right to publish and market images of all stencils they have created, and the stencil Ads (impressions) derived from those stencils.

As with all power washing, safety comes first!  All customers are encouraged to wear protective clothing and eye wear at all times when applying stencils.  Stencils should never be held when applying image.  Stencils should be placed on a surface and power washed from a safe distance.  Depending upon the image (letters & logo) chosen, certain letters or images may result in sharp points.  You are encouraged to exercise great care when carrying or moving stencils.

Stencils should not be applied or used in any way that contradicts the laws in your jurisdiction. Power Wash Stencils have a patent pending!