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Below is a list of common questions and answers, although please feel free to contact us if your question is not answered here or on the rest of the site.

Q: What is a power wash stencil?

A: A power wash stencil is a steel cutout used to transfer an image on to a surface through power washing.

Q: How long does the image last?

A: It varies.  It really depends on how dirty the surface was initially, what are the subsequent weather conditions (was there a lot of rain), and how aggressively was the image initially applied (several passes with the pressure washer or just one).  Last year we did a bunch of test cases, and these are the results. Our surface was fairly dirty, we had a good amount of rain, and the image was aggressively applied.  Our image lasted well over 30 days with minimal to no degradation.  In fact, several of our test case images, on the East Coast (where we get a lot of rain) are still visible today, over 8 months later, although severely degraded.   As a rule of thumb, we say that your image should last at least 30-90 days, but if your surface is really dirty and you aggressively apply your stencil, we would expect it to last a lot longer.

Q: How long does the stencil last?

A: Simply put, your stencil will outlive you!

Q: What is a PowerWash Ads Campaign?

A: Utilizing our National Network of Applicators (Power Washers), PowerWashStencils can have your stencils applied just about anywhere you want.

Q: How would a PowerWash Ads Campaign work?


  • Contact PowerWashStencils with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your stencil design or application area.  
  • Email your artwork, the proposed application areas and number of impressions, and when your campaign will begin and end.
  • PowerWashStencils will furnish pricing for your stencil(s) & campaign, and arrange for our National Network of Power Washers to apply your image.

  Please see PowerWash Ads for more information.

Q: Do you need to use chemicals to apply the stencils?

A: Stencils can be applied as either transparent (transferring only the cutout areas and steel connections within the frame) or as box, where you include all the transparent areas as well as the edges of the frame.  High pressured water is drawn across the stencil, with either a pressure washing wand or a surface cleaner, and the image is transferred to the surface.  CHEMICALS ARE NEVER USED AND UNNECESSARY!  Your image can be easily created without the use of chemicals; also, by not using chemicals, you ensure that you are creating a renewable "green" advertisement.  Please see Stencil Application for more information.

Q: What is the weight of a stencil?

A: A Text Stencil is around 7-9lbs (depending upon the cutouts).  A Logo Stencil, is around 15-25lbs (depending upon the cutouts, and the exact dimensions of the stencil).

Q: What is the most common size stencil people use?

A: Our Text Stencils, which traditionally include a name, phone number, URL, etc., are 48 inches long by 8 inches high.  Our Logo Stencils are traditionally 3 feet by 3 feet, however, we will slightly modify the dimensions up or down to ensure that we are providing the best possible design to transfer the image.

Q: What is the size limit of a stencil?

A: You can get virtually any size image impression you want, but physical stencils are traditionally limited to 4 feet by 4 feet.   If your desired image is greater than 4 feet by 4 feet, you would need to align several stencils together to create your image impression.

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