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Example Campaign

PowerWashAds Dispersed Campaign (6 city):

Our latest campaign was for “All Over Media (AOM)”, under the direction of their customer “Feline Pine”.  It was a six city campaign (Boston, NY, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami & Seattle), where we applied 45 applications in each cities downtown area.

The following is the process from original artwork to the application(s) of the stencils:

Original Artwork:

NOTE: In the image below, all white areas are cleaned, whereas, the “clay” lettering remains dirty, creating a reverse stencil image. 

Original Artwork Provided By Customer

Proof Created by PowerWashAds:

NOTE: Sometimes slight modifications are required on print images to stencil images, to ensure all desired transfer areas are adequately supported with steel.   However, it is always our desire to be as exact as possible.

Stencil Proof by PowerWashAds

Stencil by PowerWashAds:

NOTE:  In the final version, the stencils used were slightly reduced on the top and bottom, and expanded on the width.    This allowed for a reduction in weight, and less room for error.

Stencil Used For Applications

Application Sample 1:

Chicago Stencil Cats

Application Sample 2:

New York Stencil Cats

Application Sample 3:

San Francisco Stencil Cats

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