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Ad Opportunities

PowerWash Ads can be applied on just about any dirty surface where you would like your stencil image to exist.   The most common surfaces where stencils are applied are concrete, brick and asphalt.  Although they will work on tile, stone, wood, metal, etc.

Some example locations and types of PowerWash Ads:


Ex: PowerWash Ads Advertisements
Location Type of Ad
Store Entrance Welcome, Thank You, Sale, Greeting
Sidewalk Logo, Event, Sale
Gas Station Island Sale, External Ad, Free Soda
College Campus Team Logo, Bookstore, Welcome
Apartments "Rent is due on the 1st"
Real Estate Sale, Seller Help, Foreclosure
Customer Home/Office Demonstration
Campaign Office/Supporters Residence-Office Slogan, Logo, Candidate
Restaurant No Smoking, Welcome, Try The Veal

Example Gas Station Island Advertising:

Example Sidewalk Advertising:

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