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Campaign Types

There are two types of PowerWash Ads campaigns: Concentrated and Dispersed.


A CONCENTRATED CAMPAIGN involves multiple impressions applied heavily in a single location.

Concentrated campaigns are used for special events, sales, grand openings or any other announcement targeting a specific audience.  It is blanketing an area, ensuring that individuals will at a minimum be exposed to one advertisement.  Some of these include:

  • Retail Stores
  • College Campuses
  • Celebrations/Protests
  • Un-used Real Estate



A DISPERSED CAMPAIGN involves multiple impressions applied throughout a city, or multiple cities.

Dispersed campaigns are used for a big announcement to a city or national audience. Many times they are used to support a larger indoor or outdoor media campaign. One of the most important objectives is to provide exposure in high traffic walkways.  Some of these walkways include:

  • Entrances to popular stores
  • Transportation centers
  • Bus stops
  • Train/subway exits
  • Entrances to large venues/sports arenas
  • Sidewalks at traffic signals
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