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Gas Station Advertising

Are you a Gas Station Dealer?  Are you looking for additonal revenue?  Power Wash Stencils are perfect for Gas Station Advertising!  They can be used in-house to motivate those at the pumps to come into the store, or for additional revenue through third party advertising.  See below for some of the options with Power Wash Stencils:


Gas Stencil:  In-house Ad, Third Party Ad, Custom Message.
Stencil Impression (Transparent): 
Stencil Impression (Box):


Stencils can be designed with just about any image or text you desire.  You can also control the application process and advertising options, such as:

  • Purchase a custom stencil, and apply it yourself, or have Power Wash Stencils apply it.
  • Utilize a pre-fab stencil (such as above) and have Power Wash Stencils apply it for you.  We can do it at off times (late at night) and for minimal application costs.
  • Sign Up as an Ad Space Provider, and make your pumps available for advertising and stencil application, and we will find approved advertisements for you to host.  
  • Request a sample stencil application at one of your pumps to test it out.  NOTE: Samples only available in Washington, DC Area at this time.

Contact us today if you would like to find out how Power Wash Stencils can make you more money at the pumps.   You have unused advertising space today...why not use it to command more income for your convenience store, or to make a little extra money?   


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