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Stencil Application

You can use your stencil in two ways.  You can create a TRANSPARENT STENCIL, where you would transfer only the cutout areas, or a BOX STENCIL, where you include all of the transparent areas as well as the edge of the frame.  See examples below.  

High pressured water is drawn across the stencil, with either a pressure washing wand or a surface cleaner, and the image is transferred to the surface.   CHEMICALS ARE NEVER USED AND UNNECESSARY!  Your image can be easily created without the use of chemicals.   Also, by not using chemicals, you ensure that you are creating a renewable "green" advertisement.  

Ex: Transparent & Box Stencil


When designing your stencil and applying your image, you also have the option of transferring both a "Cleaned" and "Dirty" image.  The dirty image is accomplished by creating cutouts on either side of image you want to convey.

Ex: Stencil Design (Clean & Dirty)


Ex: Stencil Application (Clean & Dirty)

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Custom Text (48" x 8")
Custom Text (48" x 8")
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Custom Logo (3'x3')
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