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Proof Creation (Logo Stencil)

Proof Creation (Logo Stencil)
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Price: $25.00
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Model: Proof Creation

Proof Creation $25

PowerWashStencils includes the setup and "Proof" creation in the price of the Logo Stencil.  You may either: 1) Purchase your Logo Stencil, submit the artwork and we will forward you a "Proof".  2) Purchase a "Proof", submit the artwork, and we will forward you our "Proof".  Once you have approved the "Proof", you will have a credit of $25 toward the purchase of your stencil.  You have up to 60 days to purchase your stencil.  After 60 days the credit will dissapear.  Proof purchases are non-refundable.

Artwork Submission:

Artwork (logos) should be submitted very shortly after the purchase of your Logo Stencil or "Proof" (within 3 days).  Most formats are acceptable, although we would prefer formats that do not require specific illustration programs.  Desired formats are (jpg, gif, png, pdf, bmp).  Artwork can be emailed to, including your "Order #".  Once we have received your artwork we will forward you a "Proof".  Once you have approved your "Proof" and your Logo Stencil has been purchased, we will begin fabrication., PowerWash Stencils, Power Wash Stencils,, PowerWash Ads, Power Wash Ads, PressureWashAds, PressureWash Ads, Pressure Wash Ads, Green Graffiti, Reverse Graffiti,  

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