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Pre-Fab American Flag (2'x2')

Pre-Fab American Flag (2'x2')
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Price: $150.00
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Model: American Flag Stencils

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American Flag Stencil:

Our American Flag Stencil is part of Pre-Fabricated stencil line.   Celebrate America and put your light weight American Flag Stencil on the ground or wall!   American Flags can be easily incorporated with your existing stencils or with new stencils.  Order yours today!!!

NOTE:  These stencils are UN-COATED!  They are NOT painted.

For Example:

American Flag Single Impression    American Flag Double Impression


** Optional Handle Ring**:  

We offer as an option a handle ring for lifting the stencil once it has been applied.  If you look at the above Stencil picture (Red, White & Blue), on the left hand side in the middle you will see a raised up ring.  You can run a cable tie through it and it makes lifting the stencil up a snap.

Weight, Size, & Limitations:

An American Flag Stencil is around 9 pounds, and is approxiamately 2 feet by 2 feet.  

Check Out:

All orders are processed through PayPal, with a Visa, MasterCard or registered PayPal account.


We ship to all addresses within the Continental U.S. on a flat rate of $40 per American Flag Stencil.   For Shipping outside the Continental U.S., please contact us BEFORE ordering to determine shipping pricing and to confirm delivery availability.  Your shipping address is based upon what you define on; any modifications to the shipping address within PayPal will NOT be reflected here. 

NOTE:For larger orders (multiple Flag stencils), if you prefer to use your own carrier (FedEx, UPS) and your own account number, please contact us BEFORE ordering so that we may accommodate this during check out. 


Stencils are fabricated, and shipped in about two weeks, although depending upon demand; we always try and make it sooner.


Copyrighted names (e.g. Pro Sports Teams) cannot be processed at this time. 


If you have any questions that are not answered on this page or on the site, please feel free to give us a call M-F, 9:00am - 5:00pm EST, at 240-286-4128.  Also, you can utilize our contact form at any time.  Power Wash Stencils have a patent pending!, PowerWash Stencils, Power Wash Stencils,, PowerWash Ads, Power Wash Ads, PressureWashAds, PressureWash Ads, Pressure Wash Ads, Green Graffiti, Reverse Graffiti,  

Pre-Fab American Flag (2'x2')
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Pre-Fab American Flag (2'x2')
Click to enlarge
Pre-Fab American Flag (2'x2')
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